Express eatery, retail vendors opening in Downtown Albany

My Sister's Place is a French market retail shop featuring a variety of vendors / Sarah Bleau

A new express eatery and retail store are setting up shop in Downtown Albany, and the owners hope to address niches that have not been explored yet in the area.

Set to open mid-November, My Sister's Place â" a French market featuring a variety of vendors â" will be located at the corner of Broad Avenue and Jackson Street. Owner Mellisent Fowler Whitney says shoppers will find home dÃcor, apparel, jewelry and much more.

"I really want to turn it into a fun, fabulous shabby chic unique place," says Whitney.

Whitney says she's always wanted to own her own store and that Downtown Albany was the perfect fit for her.

"I love downtown; I'm more of a downtown girl than an uptown girl," she says. "I love the architecture and the whole idea of downtown."

Curious customers were looking for a peek at another new business will be opening in Downtown Albany soon. An eatery featured in the Homerun Foods plaza as a part of the larger Oglethorpe Crossing project is set to open next week.

Cafà 230 Co-Owner B.J. Fletcher is collaborating on this venture alongside the co-owner of Corner CafÃ. Their express eatery will feature items like fresh chicken salads and Greek salads.

"We've really paid attention to what's not on this side of town, and we're going to do like a little Boston Market, little mini Publix," says Fletcher. "It's probably a smaller scale version of Cafe 230."

She says these two new businesses are just a peek at what more there is coming.

"We took downtown on about two years ago and almost all of that is full, so start paying attention because we're going to work here and we're working all the way down to Slappey," says Fletcher.

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