Exposed rocks remove doubt of drought

The Flint River in Downtown Albany shows signs of the drought.. / Jessica Fairley

The nation has been hit hard with this summer's heat wave affecting crops, animals, and people.

In our Monday's Facebook story of the day, people wanted to know if the drought is affecting the Flint River.

Officials with the Department of Natural Resources say 'yes'!

If you go near the Flint, you can see that it's low.

Aquatic supervisor for DNR Robert Weller says the exposed rocks inside the river are normally under water.

If the appearance of the river isn't proof enough that it's being affected by the drought, there are river gages up and down the river that prove it.

"During the winter, it was considered at normal level but every since the drought began this spring it's been steadily dropping" says Weller.

Weller says if we don't get heavy rain soon, we may not see the Flint River reach regular water levels again until the winter time.

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