Exchange Club of Albany presents award for 'golden deeds'

Tom Gieryic was awarded this year's Exchange Club of Albany Book of Golden Deeds winner./ Jazmyne Hankerson

The Exchange Club of Albany gave out a special award on Friday night to honor a man's dedicated work in the community.

Tom Gieryic was awarded this year's Book of Golden Deeds winner.

He was recognized for spearheading the storm relief fundraiser of making wood crosses and partnering with businesses to get chainsaws and supplies for volunteers to help with clean up.

Gieryic also created the "Back the Blue" initiative that's swept the region and other parts of the state.

He said he was completely surprised that he was getting the award but was definitely humbled by it.

"When I think of some other individuals [who could have won], I don't think that I'm worthy of it," said Gieryic. "It’s mind-blowing. It makes me feel good inside that my community stands behind the things I [do] because I do it for the community not for myself."

The Book of Golden Deeds award has been given out since 1919.

Geiryic said from the start of first storm, he's raised more than $40,000 to go to supplies and recovery efforts.

He says he wants to keep the volunteers out there because the work is far from over but donations are needed to keep their efforts going.

Anyone interested in donating can stop by his shop on Dawson Road.

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