Evidence in Sizemore murder to be tested

Marcus Ray Johnson was sentenced to death for the 1994 murder of Angela Sizemore / File

The Dougherty County District Attorney agreed to have evidence from the 1994 murder of Angela Sizemore retested using newer technology.

His decision was made during a hearing on Thursday for death row inmate Marcus Johnson, who is accused of murdering Sizemore. D.A. Greg Edwards says he agreed to the defense's request to avoid an otherwise lengthy litigation about the matter.

"At best this evidence might show that there may have been a party to this particular situation; that's what the state expects the evidence to show but we don't believe it's even going to show that," says Edwards.

Sizemore's sister says she is disappointed in this decision. She says Johnson was found guilty previously and doesn't understand the hold up.

Johnson was tried and convicted in 1998 for Sizemore's murder and was sentenced to death by lethal injection. This sentence was stayed to allow for the retesting.

Edwards says they do not have a specific date for when the testing will be complete.

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