Evidence discovered in CRCT cheating probe

Evidence revealed in CRCT Probe. / Jessica Fairley

Georgia state investigators are in Dougherty County probing CRCT cheating allegations. Officials appointed by the governor are working alongside the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and they say they've found evidence that the crimes did occur.

With over 200 interviews to go, state investigators have already started piecing the puzzle together, making sure to double check sources and get the full story.

"In some cases we have interviewed the same people more than one time," said State Appointed Investigator Mike Bowers.

He says both students and faculty has had a chance to have their voice heard. When brought before officials their testimony revealed what investigators had thought.

"The kind of evidence that we've found that is most importantly confessions," said Bowers, "And then we've had evidence in the form of students telling us that teachers gave them answers."

He says if they did reveal answers to students, it's a crime.

When the investigation is complete the information will be turned over to Dougherty County District Attorney Greg Edwards. He says those found guilty will face penalty.

"There could be possible felony offences if for instance persons were to give false statements and other such things like that," said District Attorney Greg Edwards.

Conviction would not only change the teachers' legal record, but it will also affect their teaching verification.

"They're likely to see some kind of sanctions to their license to teach and some consequences of being fired from their teaching position," Investigator Mike Bowers said.

Guilty parties could find themselves without work in an economy where jobs are scarce but District Attorney Greg Edwards says those involved won't face their fate until the investigation is complete.

Officials expect to wrap up the probe within the next six weeks.