Eviction notice leads to child cruelty charges

28-year-old Katarrah Danna Harris has been charged with seven counts of cruelty to children. / Dougherty County Jail

"Horrid" living conditions has led an Albany woman to be charged and arrested for multiple counts of cruelty to children after Dougherty County Sheriff deputies served an eviction notice on January 9th.

Dougherty County Sheriff's Captain Craig Dodd says that 28-year-old Katarrah Danna Harris was booked into the Dougherty County Jail Tuesday, charged with seven counts of cruelty to children for what he says was "a clear case of child neglect".

Dodd says that his deputies arrived at Harris' home to serve an eviction notice, when they discovered "a good foot of trash on the floor" in the residence.

The conditions in that house were just horrid," Dodd said. "They could hear the rats scurrying away as they walked through it and amongst it all were seven children trying to live there. This house is the very definition of a threat to their health and welfare."

Children ranging from the ages of one to 12 were placed in the custody of a relative for the time being added Dodd.

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