Everything still on the table at DCSS

Dougherty County School Board Members discuss upcoming budget difficulties during a Tuesday morning meeting. / Todd Bailey

Dougherty County School System Finance and Personnel Committees met early Tuesday morning.

Since the last committee meeting, the school system planned to fingerprint teachers to conduct background checks. The update from the Tuesday morning meeting was that over 800 teachers had their prints collected and there are plans on checking substitute teachers as well.

Board members also got a chance to discuss more ways to save money including outsourcing.

But understanding how much money is coming in for next year's budget still remains a mystery.

Robert Lloyd of the Dougherty County School System says "we don't know what our QB or main grant allocations are for the remainder of this year and for next year and as soon as we find out, we can start putting some meat on our budget. At this point everything is on the table."

Implementing furlough days like other school districts in the state is still not out of the question in order to save funds.

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