Evacuees get settled in Albany

Evacuees get settled at Marine Corps Logistics Base. / Matt Prichard

Part of life in the military is moving around with limited time to prepare. The servicemen and women of Pensacola Naval Air Station experienced that Monday night as they were evacuated due to Hurricane Isaac.

"By 2:00 AM last night we had them here on base, we moved almost 4,000 students to include air-force personnel were moved here and bussed in," said Marine Logistics Base commanding officer, Donald J. Davis.

However some evacuees differed in opinion when it came to leaving.

"It was interesting, a little stressful at first, because we had to pack and come down here, but it's not so bad anymore," said Harley King of the United States Navy.

"Everybody was kind of like, we don't want to leave we should just try and ride it out, and I was all stoked, I was like let's go, let's do it, let's go to Albany," said PFC Lampe-Zaic of the United States Marines.

Excited or not, the evacuees are enjoying extended free time and say they appreciate the accommodations provided by the Marine Corps Logistics Base.

"They're sufficient; we have somewhere to sleep, got water, food, that's all you need to survive," said Chelsea Curl of the United States Navy.

"They've given us three meals a day, which wasn't expected, the cots are fine, so it's sustainable living conditions," said Caleb Schade of the United States Marines.

Officials with Marine Corps Logistics Base are hoping that Hurricane Isaac will pass in the next several days, so they can return these men and women to their home base in Pensacola.

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