Evacuated troops return home

Troops head back to Pensacola, Florida after evacuation earlier this week. / Matt Prichard

As Hurricane Isaac moved through the Gulf-Coast Wednesday, evacuated troops from Pensacola, Florida began packing up at the Marine Corps Logistics Base to return home.

"For the young Marines, it's the first time they've ever done anything like this other than boot camp. They handled it really well, but yeah it's good to get out of here, everyone's been really nice and the weather's actually been pretty nice, but yeah it's time to go home," said 1st Sergeant Kent Helfert of the United States Marine Corps.

And those troops share sergeant Helfert's sentiments, saying they're excited and relieved to be heading home.

"Super excited, it's been a while since I've had a good clean shower. It's going to be pretty awesome getting back to school, hoping it starts up real soon," said PFC Owen Jeffrey.

"Very excited to be headed back. It's been a nice little stay here, but it'll be good to get back to the training, and get done what we need to get done," said Corporal Tiffany Keith.

And although the troops are excited to be going back home, they said this minor inconvenience turned out to be a terrific learning experience.

"It was, it was very educational, I mean we got a lot of interesting views of the Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany. It was an interesting experience," said Keith.

The troops were loaded up on several charter buses starting earlier this morning, and the last group departed just a little after noon.

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