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      Equinox cleans up from weekend fire

      An Albany business spent the day cleaning up from a weekend fire.

      Production wasn't up and running at Equinox Chemicals, but Monday employees cleaned out the storage building that caught fire Saturday night. Assistant Fire Chief Allen Cravey says they don TMt know what started the fire on West Oakridge Drive.

      Cravey says a firefighter was treated and released from the hospital for heat exhaustion and possible exposure to chemicals. The company uses many different chemicals in production, but Cravey and owner Mark Grimaldi say none of those chemicals caught fire " and risk of toxic fumes is gone.

      There were some chemicals, a small amount of chemicals in that area, but it spread from there vertically and all the damage to the building was directly above it, Cravey said.

      Mainly what we saw with the fire is insulation, Grimaldi told FOX 31 News. The plastic insulation, vinyl insulation, spray foam on the ceiling in the building is what burned.

      Equinox is planning a multi-million dollar expansion, and Grimaldi says the fire won TMt get in the way of their plans.