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      Equinox and Albany State team up to help the environment

      Equinox Chemicals and Albany State University have partnered together to promote Adco Eco, an environmentally-friendly laundry product manufactured by Adco Products, LLC, a division of Equinox Chemicals.

      ASU is proud to join the initiative with Equinox Chemicals. Teaming with a socially responsible corporation and neighbor fulfills one of the goals of our strategic plan - to provide leadership in community and global partnerships, said Albany State President Everette J. Freeman.

      Adco Eco is a biodegradable laundry product with a humanitarian focus " Atlanta-based organization the Global Soap Project will receive a percentage of every unit sold. The Global Soap Project is a company that collects used soap from hotels, reprocesses it into new bars, and distributes it to vulnerable populations around the world.

      Equinox and ASU will announced the partnership at a Wednesday morning press conference and plan to test-launch Adco Eco during the college TMs homecoming weekend with a table set up for samples. Based on feedback gathered from samples will determine how the product moves forward.

      Having the opportunity to launch this product at such a respected institution of higher learning, and to mutually support the Global Soap Project further cements our company TMs focus on quality, integrity and dependability, said Equinox TMs CEO Mark Grimaldi.