Entering auto ring busted:update

Stolen merchandise recovered

Leesburg police make four arrests in an entering auto ring that stretches across county lines.

Investigators say they are still questioning people about their involvement in the incident. Police say as many as five more arrests could come later on this week. Four white men are in custody after officers spotted a stolen military flack vest in the back of a car during a routine traffic stop. Investigators say these arrests led to thousands of dollars in merchandise being recovered and over 30 entering auto cases in Mitchell, Lee and Dougherty counties being solved. Investigators are urging residents to keep their doors locked.

"What they're doing is running around checking the door locks. They'll pull on the door handle if it's unlocked they'll go in and rummage through it and get whatever they can get, if a vehicle's locked they'll just move on to the next one," said Investigator Freelon Gay.

The names of the men who were arrested are not being released pending further arrests and an ongoing investigation.