Ensuring safety on local highways

Photo Credit: Rheya Spigner

Officials say marquee signs and speed trailers along the Highway 82 are ensuring safety.

Officials started using sets of signs and trailers just two years ago. Patrol Officer Christopher Richardson with the Albany Police Department explains that with marquee signs, APD is able to warn drivers about something or monitor speed. Richardson says this is a benefit that didn't come with the last set of marquee signs.

Additionally, when storms crossed over Southwest Georgia, the signs helped warn residents.

Officer Richardson said, "When we had the last bit of cold weather to warn people to put it on the marquee to slow down for the icing bridges and when the icing was over with, we just changed them to pick up speed."

The same goes for the speed trailers on some days you might not see them, and if you do, it's for a good reason.

Richardson says, "It makes people aware of their speed... we put them in high target areas that have a lot of wrecks or places that have a lot of speed issues on the streets."

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