Enlistee honors September 11th

Navy enlistee, Steve David once again joins the service, this time on the anniversary of the September 11th attacks. / Matt Prichard

As memorials and ceremonies were held all over the country today, "Our Daily Bread" in Downtown Albany was sending off a local sailor.

US Navy Enlistee, Steve David, says as a native of New York the attacks on September 11th hit close to home for him. That day was also a big reason why he enlisted into the service in the first place, and continues to enlist year after year.

"September 11th was a day that made me want to join the military. So my contract was up at the end of this month, and I had to pick a day to enlist, and I usually try to pick days that are significant. So September 11th popped up in my head, went with it," said David.

David says many of his friends were in the towers on that September Tuesday, but adds thankfully they were all able to make it out safely.

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