EMTs save North Carolina hunter

It took emergency officials 44 minutes from the woods where a sick deer hunter was located and needed help.

An LED EKG monitor put in the ambulances in the area by Phoebe Putney help save a mans life and cut down on time.

Sonny Elam of Otto, North Carolina, was hunting alone on his friend's 300 acre property in Randolph County last Thursday when he started having chest pains.

"I was in terrible pain; I was in such pain I couldn't even stand up" said Elam.

Words from his wife reminded him of his faith, his love of life, and it kept him strong.

Elam says "God is good and I love you". I said I'm okay.

His wife was outside and didn't hear the first phone call to the house from Sonny asking for help.

On the answering machine, Elam said "This is Sonny again, its about 3:30 somebody come get me quick. Somebody come get me quick, please come on."

His wife, Harvalyn Elam said "in a few minutes, he called the house again and called the cell phone again, getting weaker all the time and then it dawned on him; I'll call 911."

The deer stand is exactly 1.6 miles from the main house, when the paramedics arrived, they realized they had to go almost 20 feet into the air in order to get Sonny and then get him to the hospital safely.

Jamie Souals, EMS director of Randolf County says "We got back there to him and he started to stand up and I told him to just sit back down I'll come up the stand with him and did an assessment took his vital signs and cut his clothes in which I dont think he was too happy about it."

Once they loaded Elam in the abulance, they hooked him up to a LED EKG that sent signals back to Phoebe and they were ready to treat him in record time.

Elam received a stint in his chest and today he's healthy, thankful for the fast responders, and headed back to North Carolina.

Sonny Elam says "I'm just thankful that they had those my cell phone and the technology and when i got there they new what to do and they didn't waste any time."

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