EMS paramedics respond to more heat exhaustion cases

Dougherty County Emergency Medical Services officials say they've responded to quite a few cases of heat exhaustion over the weekend.

This is when you experience excessive sweating, dry mouth, weakness and dizziness. That could worsen to a heat stroke, when you are no longer sweating, which can be deadly.

EMS says it's important to plan ahead if you know you'll be out for a long time in the heat.

"If you know you're going to be out in this kind of weather, especially with the humidity, it's going to evaporate off of your body that much quicker," Dougherty County Paramedic Supervisor Steve Ebel said. "Hydrate the night before and during the event you're at outside and limit the duration you're out in the sun."

While temperatures will be going down a little bit this week, Southwest Georgia is expected to see highs in the 90s.