Empty bowls filled at the Civic Center

The Meals on Wheels program services 14 counties including Dougherty / File

Meals on Wheels held a fundraiser Monday morning.

With a ticket purchase, folks were able to visit the Civic Center, pick out a handcrafted bowl provided by the Clay Spot in Albany and other potters in town, and help themselves to bowls of soup provided by local restaurants.

The "Empty Bowls" event was meant to raise awareness and money for the Meals on Wheels program which serves 184,000 meals a year in 14 counties, including Dougherty.

"Food insecurity is prominent everywhere. Hunger is not something that happens in other countries, hunger happens right here at home," says Izzie Sadler, Development Director with the Sowega Council on Aging.

Contributions are down, and volunteers are always needed for the program.

"You can do one day a month or you can do one day a week or whatever you're willing to do, we'll accept," says Kay Hind, Brand Director of Sowega Council on Aging.

You can visit the Senior Center at 311 Pine Avenue for more information or to get on the waiting list for Meals on Wheels. You can also call 229-432-1124. Their office is located at 1105 Palmyra Road.

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