Employers risk loyalty in hiring millennials?

South Georgia Technical College holds a career fair. / Jessica Fairley

A new crop of college grads are hitting the job market this summer but a new survey from reveal that employers may be taking a risk in hiring them.

After crossing the stage, college graduates are lining up at job fairs competing for what they think is their dream job but according to the new survey; what they're dreaming of may not be what they really want.

In the survey, hiring managers say many millennials, those aged 19-26, get the job, work for a year or two, and then jump ship. Eight in 10 young workers say they are loyal to their employers, but only one in 100 human resource managers support that claim.

"You could be in engineering and move over to marketing and sales because you're good at that and you like to do," said Bob Stinchcum, Human Resource Manager for C-E Minerals.

Bob Stinchcum with says this is nothing new and millennials aren't alone. He says baby-boomers, generation x and y all have faced a point when they found their goals in life changed.

"That's been going on a long time. I majored in finance way back when and now I'm in human resources. So I think you kind of get a feel of what you like to do and you can't do that in college," said Stinchcum.

Officials say many times ambitious graduates get a job to hold them over until something better comes along. This is why employers say it's good to be selective in the hiring process.

Once the job is offered, they say employers must then make the experience beneficial and competitive to keep workers coming back year after year.

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