Emergency officials say keep severe weather plan simple

The Albany Fire Department offers severe weather safety tips on the city's website

With the recent threat of severe weather this week, viewers wanted to know about making a severe weather plan in our Facebook Story of the Day.

According to Jim Vaught, Deputy Director of Albany-Dougherty Emergency Management System, families need to make the severe weather plan simple. He says to get the family together and discuss what the plan is in case of an emergency.

"What is the most secure room in our house where we can go and feel the most safe? Usually it's an interior room without windows. If we become separated where can we meet somewhere so we can all get back together again so we know everybody is okay?" says Vaught. He says while organizing this plan, don't forget about how to handle pets and elderly family members.

Vaught also says to have a NOAA weather radio that runs on batteries in case the power goes out: This will help keep you informed of the current conditions.

As for the survival kit, Vaught says it should have water, non perishables and any medicine you need to survive for 72 hours.

You can find more severe weather safety tips, including the emergency plan for when you're away from home, in a hotel or in an apartment, at the Fire Department's website on the city's website.

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