Emergency Communication hub on base

Emergency Operations Center

Whether it's a natural or manmade disaster, when important decisions need to be made base officials gather in the Emergency Operations Center.

Installation Emergency Manager Chuck Lineback says it's the communication hub when things need to happen fast. "They come, they gather, they meet, we organize a plan, we implement an instant action plan and these folks will then take it and make a decision on how to best handle the incident" says Lineback.

The Emergency Operations Center recently got put to the test when they had to figure out how to accommodate thousands of displaced marines and soldiers thanks to Hurricane Isaac. "Saturday evening Pensacola made contact with us, we had another meeting on Sunday morning, Sunday night they made a decision to come to Albany. They sent an advanced team in and we coordinated the effort for the transport" says Lineback.

The EOC has an excellent working relationship with local, regional and state officials they can call on for training or assistance if needed. They also have a core group on base they tap into including people from logistics, communication, infrastructure, base leadership, and more.

For major operations they keep in close contact with higher marine headquarters and all other bases if needed through technology. "The base commander is able to come to one location, look at a video wall such as this one here, and have a common operating picture in order to make the best decision for everyone. In the heat of battle this is a good place to be" says Lineback.

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