Elementary schools to receive external defibrillators from Phoebe's Network of Trust

One of the many publicly available AEDs available for purchase. / Kyle Proctor

Phoebe Putney's Network of Trust has received a $25,000 grant to help put external defibrillators into elementary schools in Dougherty County.

The director of Network of Trust, Angie Barber, said in the press release that she was notified of the grant award from Firehouse Subs Public Safety foundation for 17 automatic external defibrillators valued at $25,500 on Wednesday.

"We will now have AEDs for all of the elementary schools and our Pre-K center," Barber said. "Phoebe provided the middle and high schools in the county with AEDs, so now we have this valuable tool in every school in the DCSS system," she said.

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