Elementary school tackles bullying during Peace Day

For International Peace Day, students also made pinwheels to place in the shape of a peace sign / Sarah Bleau

"Bullying is not cool."

It's part of a message students are spreading at Twin Oaks Elementary School.

National statistics show 2.7 million students in the nation are bullied each year.

"When I was in first grade this dude gave me a wedgie," says Twin Oaks Fourth Grader Jamari Kendrick.

"There was this bully saying that she (my friend) didn't know anything, but my friend is really smart," says Twin Oaks Fourth Grader Sariy Amoosa.

As a part of International Peace Day, Twin Oaks Elementary School focused on bullying, having students sign an anti-bully pledge and learn how to handle bullying.

When asked what she would do if she came across someone being bullied, Amoosa says she would tell an adult, which she says is what the school administrators instruct students to do.

"We talk about what it is and how to recognize it and talk about how does it make you feel, because if they don't get it on a personal level, they're not going to get it, because it's very hard for a school age child to put themselves in somebody else's place," says Twin Oaks Art Teacher Shawn Mays.

Mays played a part in another Peace Day project called "Whirled Peace" at the elementary school after seeing that it was being done across the globe for Peace Day. Students made pinwheels during art class and placed them in the shape of a peace sign in the front lawn of the school.

"We did it during the 10 days of peace which is from September 11th until today and we talked about what the days of peace were about," says Mays.

Students completed the project during art class. It's a project that helps students spread the message to bring peace to their school.

"To all the bullies out there, you need to stop," says Twin Oaks Fifth Grader Henry Young.