Elementary gun safety lesson

Each year, Lee County Elementary School holds a one-day event, Progressive AG Safety Day, that teaches children safety lessons that can keep them and those around them safe at home, or out int the community.

Just about every home in south Georgia has a gun. It is important for us to reach out to children and give them information about gun safety.

What would your child do if they found a gun?

Too many children are being killed each year becasue they are getting ahold of their parent's guns, playing with them and they may not even know that it is a real gun or know if it is loaded or unloaded. Guns need to be put up.

Lt. James Vick with the Leesburg Police Department came out to this event because he is 'trying to teach the kids that every gun should be treated as if it were loaded. Kids do not need to touch the guns at all."

Parents should also play a part in gun awareness. Properly teach your children about guns; tell your children that they are dangerous and make them understand what can happen if they were to touch one.

Amari Foster, one of many students in today's event, learned a very important lesson, "If you come across a gun, you need to get a parent instead of taking it into your own hand because you may shoot somebody else near you or shoot yourself."