Election officials receive write-in voting instructions

The Dougherty County Board of Elections has received instructions from the elections division director as to how poll workers should tally up votes for write-in candidates.

Lorenzo Heard is running as a write-in against Lane Price for the School Board at Large position.

According to the Linda Ford, Elections Division Director, all write-in votes must be counted on a 'Certification of Return' form.

Write-in votes cast on an optical ballot must then be combined with those on touch screen ballots.

This is because only the GEMS report only provides the vote total of those cast on touch screen units.

Write-in candidate reports will only be generated after all provision ballots and uniformed and overseas absentee ballots have been counted.

Elections officials are instructed to keep this information in a safe place for election night.

Voters won't know who won the seat for School Board at Large until November 9th.

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