Election candidates face-off

Candidates speak to community members about their purpose. / Jessica Fairley

Multiple candidates for office participated in a debate at Albany State University Monday evening.

Albany State's Student Government Association sponsored the event.

The school's auditorium wasn't filled, but there were hundreds inside wanting to hear what the candidates had to say.

Judge Victoria Darrisaw and Christopher Warren are both running for State Court Judge.

Both candidates answered questions about how they are leaders in the community.

When it was time for coroner candidates to face the crowd, Michael Fowler and Emma Quimbley were asked to describe what they believe is the role of coroner.

Fowler, who is a licensed mortician, says the person in the position should be an expert on the scene.

Quimbley believes the position is not only about credentials on paper, she says it's also how the coroner interacts with families that make them qualified.

Anita Williams-Brown and Lane Price faced off on the state of the school board and Clinton Johnson and Louise Primrose answered questions regarding their run for the County Commission District 3 seat.