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      Elect Dr. Lane Price Committee

      Dr. Lane price one of the candidates for School Board's At Large Position received some endorsements.

      Luke Flatt, President & CEO of AB&t Bank and Barry Cohen, retired partner-in-charge of Mauldin & Jenkins will lead a committee to elect lane price to the Dougherty County School Board. Fifteen other members including

      Bruce Melton Dr. Marcia HoodDr. John Culbreath Lamar Reese Dr. Chuck Mendenhall Patsy Martin Dr. Michael SatchellJames Griffin Pam Reynolds Dr. Leigh Brooks Laurel Griffith Dr. Wil Campbell Jay Smith Callie Walker Marian Lingle

      Committee Chairman Luke Flatt told us more about why they're all backing Dr. Price.

      Luke Flatt, Committee Chairman, says "she approaches all the tasks that are before her. She's diligent in the way that she works things, so we are encouraged by her offering for this position and feel it would be great for Dougherty County to have her on the school board."