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      Elders honor cancer survivors

      Evergreen Senior Living celebrates the 25th Annual National Cancer Survivors Day

      Today is the 25th Annual National Cancer Survivor's Day to honor anyone who battled - and beat - cancer.

      Century Pines and Evergreen Senior Living held a Cancer Survivor Celebration where residents could come enjoy ice cream and show their support.

      Nearly 12 million Americans are living with and beyond a diagnosis of cancer, a high number that hits home for a lot of people.

      In the United States, men have a risk of developing cancer slightly less than one in two. Women have a risk slightly more than one in three.

      "Everybody knows somebody that's had cancer so it's very important that we have a day to honor them," said Evergreen Senior Living TMs Activities Director, Corinne Reaves.

      Reaves says many survivors have come through Evergreen and it's important to encourage them not to give up.