Efforts in Albany to boost local economy

The Microbusiness Center hopes to nourish small business that will in turn bring money to southwest Georgia

The local economy is in need of a boost and there are actually a couple events going on that may help with that.

The Department of Community and Economic Development says we can get dollars rolling in Albany by helping out small businesses.

"We know that the small businesses are the building block of economic development. It starts with the small business owner," said Accounting and Grants Manager, Kisha Holland.

An opportunity fair was held Monday in the newly refurbished Microbusiness Enterprise Center.

"Just provide a facility where the small business owners can come and get their startup without going broke trying to do it," Kisha said.

They offer a reduced rent to make it more affordable to owners, hoping they'll graduate from the center to a larger, more successful business.

Another event going on is the Historic Albany Tour. It's a walking tour held the first weekend in May that takes folks around historical markers and buildings in Albany, like the Bridge House.

"They're part of our heritage, they're important to us. They make Albany what Albany is, it's not just Anytown, USA. We have our own particular character and beauty," said Rozanne Braswell with the city's Planning and Development Department.

And hopefully folks will come to Albany and spend their money while enjoying that character and beauty.

"Cultural and heritage tourism is a big business here and people love to come and see these historic sites," said Braswell.

Hoping small business and southern charm garner enough dollars to keep Albany rolling.

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