Edwards ends commission career

Commissioner Muarlean Edwards ends career on Dougherty County Commission, Monday. / Matt Prichard

Commissioner Muarlean Edwards made her departure Monday from the Dougherty County Board of Commissioners. Edwards says she's in high spirits though and already focusing on her next challenge.

"I will always be a social worker, in this community. And the county commissioner's office has given me that opportunity to go and do some of those things I need to do," said Commissioner Edwards.

Edwards had been serving as district 3 commissioner since 2007, and spoke highly of her newly elected replacement, Clinton Johnson.

" He's definitely ready, he brings youthfulness, and a wealth of knowledge, and energy, and he's ready to take the bull by the horns....and this is what the commission needs....the commission needs new ideas," said Commissioner Edwards.

In other news, commissioners focusing on budgets to make sure roadways around Dougherty County remain looking good.

"We have so much allotted each year for this purpose....we select the roads on a rotating purpose, or on an as needed basis," said Commissioner, Gloria Gaines.

The commission estimates the project to cost over $262,000 dollars, coming out of SPLOST VI funding. Gaines says these projects are needed because of all the "18-wheeled commerce traffic" using those roadways.

"We do a good job in spite of all of that commerce, and because of all of that commerce, we have to do a good job and keep those roads in good shape. So that we can have a good economy," said Commissioner Gaines.

The county commission will break for the next several weeks in observance of the holiday season, and reconvene January 7th.

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