Educators get no free ride on free meals

The Dougherty County School System's Finance Department will be double checking all free/reduced meal applications / File

Two Dougherty County School System employees are under investigation for falsifying information in order to get their child free or reduced meals. In light of that, the system's finance department is checking to make sure there aren't more.

"We're going to determine questionable applications by cross referencing or cross matching our salary information database along with free and reduced meals database by social security number to identify employees with children in the system," says Finance Director Ken Dyer.

The program started last week and they have around 3,000 employees.

"If we do find any discrepancies, we have to notify the applicant and give them ten days to respond because there may be extenuating circumstances," says Dyer.

Legitimate concerns will be taken to the superintendent and the board to determine what action should be taken. Board member David Maschke says it may take time before public trust is regained.

"We need to be acting decisively and moving forward swiftly, but fairly. Until that starts happening, we won't regain the public trust," says Maschke.

They will not be able to release any of their findings until administrative action is taken.