Education officials scramble to end furlough days

Educators may not have to face furlough days in the upcoming school year. / Jessica Fairley

Dougherty County school officials are trying to find a way to fund education without having to implement furlough days.

The public information officer for the school system says Dr. Joshua Murfree, the superintendent, is working with the business and finance office to find alternative funding to help support school costs.

For the past two years teachers have been faced with 10 furlough days because of Georgia school budget cuts.

Officials say while the economy seems to have leveled off in terms of income to the state, they still haven't received any extra funding.

"Until the funding sources build back up to where we can afford that kind of growth, we'll still be dealing with that loss of revenue that caused the furlough days to begin with." said DCSS Public Information Officer R.D. Harter.

Dougherty County school staff are working on next year's school calendar and they say until budget issues are resolved, there will be furlough days in the 2012-2013 school year.

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