EDC to take on Albany-Dougherty business survey

Albany and Dougherty County officials are teaming up and trying to get some feedback from local businesses

Albany and Dougherty County officials are teaming up and trying to get some feedback from local businesses.

"The whole goal is to find out, what are your successes, what are your challenges, what are your needs? What can we do to assist you and to help you? What can we do to set policy to make Albany and Dougherty County a more business friendly community?" said Dougherty County Commission Chairman Jeff Sinyard.

To get those answer's they've enlisted the Economic Development Commission to go out and survey the top employers in Dougherty County.

"We're going based on employment. We want to focus on our largest employers all the way down to the top 80," said Albany Dougherty Economic Development Commission President Ted Clem.

The survey will target businesses that are already here, because while there has been a lot of talk about what new businesses can we bring to town, keeping the ones that are already here happy is equally important.

"80 percent of all jobs that are created with our existing companies so the things we can do to help assist them as a community, we need to be aware of that," said Clem.

"We've got to make sure that we massage and support the businesses that we already have here and make sure that they are happy and make sure that they stay here," said Albany Mayor Willie Adams.

EDC officials will literally be going business-to- business, having long conversations with management in these companies. But it will take some buy-in and cooperation from the businesses.

"Today we're hopeful that our 80 existing industries and business and employers will be willing to spend approximately an hour with each of our professionals and our partners and conduct that survey so that we can help our community be better, we can help them be better," said Sinyard.

The Economic Development Commission says they hope to have their survey completed by the end of the summer.

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