EDC is seeing economic growth in Albany

Photo Credit: Todd Bailey

The task of bringing more business to the Good Life City is the goal of the Economic Development Commission.

Within the past six months, the EDC has seen positive changes when it comes to job creation.

EDC Director Ted Clem says "we had a string of success here in Albany with companies expanding with new companies coming to the area since October with the companies that we've been involved in."

Since October of 2011, the EDC has been involved in the creation of 366 jobs.

The industrial growth report shows the largest job growth is with the Teleperformance call center since they're creating 200 jobs. Next is the new Olive Garden that's expected to create at least 70 jobs. And other gains have come from Equinox Chemicals and Unifirst.

"The economic impact is significant from $6.6 million dollars of capital investment," said Clem.

One person we spoke with says job creation is a positive thing, however more can be done.

William Kreiser of Albany says "it's a great thing with job creation everybody needs a job so they can take of themselves and overall it leads to economic growths so yeah I would say it's a good thing. I just hope there is more in the future."