Economy have you stressed? We can help

In the Facebook story of the day you wanted to know how to deal with stress brought on from the down economy. / MGN Online

A down economy can be blamed for a lot of people's financial woes, but the affects of this worldwide problem doesn't stop at ones bank account.

"Anytime somebody has a lot of financial difficulty that can cause a great deal of stress, especially because it feels very oppressive and it feels like it's very hard to find your way out of that," explained Dr. Cheryl Kaiser, from Insight Psychotherapy.

The good news is there are things you can do to help reduce that stress like making a list of accomplishable goals, "there's something very satisfying about checking off a list and saying I got that done, I got that done, it give you an opportunity to feel like you've taken control of something." said Dr. Kaiser.

Experts also say as long as your doctor allows it, exercise can be a great way to relieve stress.

Some people may not realize is that stress doesn't just affect you mentally, it could also be affecting you physically in the form of headaches and sore necks but there are ways to help these problems, "(We) find out if there are areas of tension in the spin and help remove that, massage therapy does help also by relaxing those muscles and removing some of the tension in those areas that may be bothering the patient," said Dr. David Wren a Chiropractor from Leesburg.

Even though you may not have complete control over the economy, you have control of yourself and the things you do to help reduce that stress.

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