Economist sees positive outlook for recovery

Dr. Jeff Dorfman speaks to Albany Rotary about the current employment situation in the state. / Allen Carter

The unemployment rate in Georgia remains over ten percent, and Southwest Georgia is even higher.

But one University of Georgia economist says things are definitely looking up. Dr. Jeff Dorfman spoke to the Albany Rotary Club about the economic recovery. He says there is a hidden and promising number in new job statistics.

"More people quit their jobs last month. You might think how is that good well if people are not getting fired but actually quitting their job, it must mean they think there are other jobs out there that they are going to be able to get. So actually when you willing to quite you job it must mean things are getting better out there," said Dr. Dorfman.

Dorfman says he expects to see a decrease in jobless claims in the coming months.

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