Economic Development Commission gets new fund for business recruitment

The Albany-Dougherty EDC at their Wednesday morning meeting. / Sean Streicher

The Albany-Dougherty Economic Development Commission now has a new tool in their arsenal to recruit new businesses to the area.

The Albany City Commission has approved the use of their deal closing fund.

This will allow the EDC to use funds as incentives to grow business around the area.

However, the Albany-Dougherty Economic Development Commission will be presenting this fund to the Georgia Economic Development Commission to help them alert businesses to the possibilities in Southwest Georgia.

EDC Board member, Chris Hatcher, said, "What is does for Albany, is it sets us apart from other communities not only in our state but also in southeast United States. So as businesses are looking to relocate here we've got a fun that can help us close the deal essentially."

Not every new business will be eligible for the deal closing funds; they must first meet certain requirements which are still being worked out.