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      Eco-friendly fun

      With lots of visitors in the park each year, Wild Adventures had to come up with a clever way to become eco-friendly. Staff at the park believe it is very important to preserve the environment and try to reduce the carbon footprint by reducing waste and recycling as much as possible.

      Each year brings a new phase to their Go-Green initiative. The first phase brought 500 new trees to the park. As the new trees were planted, 4000 pounds of concrete was ground up and reused in the park for other projects. The second phase took place in 2011. All of the lighting at Wild Adventures was retrofitted to use more energy efficient lighting to reduce the amount of energy used. The latest phase happened in 2012 with the addition of a solar power cardboard compactor. This solar cardboard compactor is the first of its' kind in south Georgia and north Florida and has already helped reduce the amount of cardboard waste by eighty-five percent.

      With all of these eco-friendly changes and the excitement for more to come in upcoming years, Wild Adventures is reducing their carbon footprint and urges all of us to do so as well.