East Albany town hall meeting focuses on crime

The Albany Gang Unit spoke at today's town hall meeting. / Sean Streicher

With the recent increase of crime in East Albany, some citizens are becoming concerned.

"Some of the things that worry us is naturally the drug situation, the gangs, the street activity, stuff of that nature," said Carroll Harper of East Albany.

These concerns prompted residence to turn to their City Commissioner, John Howard, for answers.

"A lot of individuals are concerned, and they called me and said we need to do something we need to hear from the top chief to say, is it safe in my community, is it safe on my street", said Howard.

Howard decided to invite the Gang Task Force, Albany-Dougherty drug unit, and the Albany Police Department(APD) to speak at Saturday's Town Hall Meeting, to easy the minds of his constituents,

APD Chief Proctor said he was happy to come out to speak," I do a lot of meeting like this speaking to members out in the community, to share crime prevention tips, give them updates of what we're doing in the community, how we're working on stuff."

Chief Proctor added that the police need the help of citizens to help keep the community safe.

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