East Albany apartment complex demolished

One more blighted building in Albany has been demolished.

People came out of their homes to watch as an East Albany apartment complex at the 1400 block of E. Campbell Street was demolished Thursday afternoon. The more than 40 year old apartments have been vacant for a year.

Officials say the decision to demolish the apartment complex came after the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) discussed with HUD that the price of tearing it down was less expensive than the more than $600,000 it would have cost to renovate and bring the apartments up to code.

City officials say citizens are happy to see the crime ridden buildings gone.

"At least one or two of the neighbors have made comment about the fact that they are excited or happy to see that the city has taken the necessary actions to eradicate the slum and blight in this particular neighborhood," says DCED Director Latoya Cutts.

Once the land is completely clear it will be available for private developers.

Commissioner Jon Howard says lived in the apartments after high school and during college. He says he remembers good friendship and good neighbors there for the most part, but says the city needs to move forward to progress.

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