'Eartheart' art dedicated to artist's father

Kenneth Bridger is a creative Director and mixed media artist from Albany, Ga / Ashley Knight

A new exhibit is about to be showcased at the Albany Area Arts Council.

Eartheart is an exhibit by Kenneth Bridger.

The pieces are inspired by his travel and work with indigenous tribes around the world.

This exhibit is dedicated to Bridger's father who passed away last year, especially one piece in particular.

"The marble represents the incarnation of the body, the soul into a body. The space separating between the wood and the piece of marble is what I call a node, so the moment of death, there's a detachment of the soul from the body and the wood represents the fire, the fire of the soul," says Bridger.

There will be an opening reception at the Albany Area Arts Council Thursday from 6-8 pm.

The exhibit will be on display for the month of October, Monday through Friday 10-4 pm.

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