Early voter numbers lacking in Dougherty County

Monday marked day six of early voting in Dougherty County and so far, election officials say the turnout has been extremely low.

As of Monday afternoon, only 43 votes had been cast in person while 65 absentee ballots had been sent in.

The numbers total just over 100 people out of the estimated 11,000 who are eligible to vote in Ward II and Ward III, and some locals say they're surprised more people aren't trying to beat the election day crowd.

"It's just so much easier to drop it off ahead of time, then I don't have to think and at the end of the day go 'Oh my gosh, I forget it's election day and I've got to go see where the polls are open,'" said Marilyn Ellis.

All residents living in ward two and three who are registered to vote can visit the elections office on Pine Avenue to cast an early vote until November 1st.