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      Early morning fire torches house

      Early Monday morning firefighters battled a house that was fully engulfed in flames on West Desota Street.

      Four fire trucks responded to the fire which investigators guess had around 45 minutes to burn before a 911 call alerted them about it.

      Multiple heaters were in the home, however officials say there was one that wasn't fully turned off. The heater that was on ran continuously because it was trying to overcompensate for the heaters that weren TMt turned on.

      Fire investigator Sam Harris says how the fire burns told the story of how the house caught on fire. There was a chair next to the heater and the chair caught on fire. So remember that space heaters need space. You need to keep a three feet area around it clear so that the fire won TMt catch something on fire says Harris.

      It took firefighters about 25 minutes to fully extinguish the fire and hot spots.

      Thankfully no one was at home at the time of the fire.