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      E-cycling, pill drop a huge success

      Hundreds of people drove up and dropped of their old and unused electronics Saturday. It was a free chance to recycle items that were collecting dust.

      It's was a strong showing at the Keep Albany Dougherty Beautiful electronic recycling event.

      I think this is a awesome event for our community. It gives you a free day where you can bring your items that need to be recycled and don't need to go to a landfill, said Judy Bowles with Keep Albany Dougherty Beautiful.

      Computer equipment, vacuum cleaners and T.V.; they're items many people just left in their house because they didn't know what to do with it.

      I had a DVD player, a copier and a minidisc, said Danny Thomas. I didn't have any place to put it and so we heard about this so we're coming to dispose of it.

      Not just electronics, law enforcement was out for the pill drop, taking people's old medication.

      Strong pain pills and the Oxycotton, the Lortab, the Vicodin, a lot of cough syrup, we've had a lot of liquids come in, some syringes, said Major Bill Berry of the Albany Dougherty Drug Unit.

      But of course they weren TMt recycling those drop offs.

      As soon as this operation is over, we're going to take it and burn it immediately and we'll weigh it up and see how much we've got and dispose of it by incinerating it, said Berry.