E-Cigarettes going full steam ahead

Photo Credit: Courtney Highfield

E-cigarettes are gaining popularity and may even become more popular than traditional cigarettes.

They've been on the market for nearly seven years but it seems they've become popular in just the last two. So what is it about these little devices that makes them so popular? Michael Summerlin at Bill's Vapor Corner says, "real cigarettes nickel and dime you to death but with these the average person gets theirs paid off within two weeks of what they would spend on real cigarettes."

According to an article by the Huffington Post the cost of a year's worth of e-cigarette nicotine cartridges is about $600. This is compared to the $1,000 a year people spend for a half-pack a day of regular cigarettes. But Summerlin says it's more than just the cost that makes them attractive, "real cigarettes have 4,000 chemicals in them. These have four, none of which are known to kill you."

The health department, on the other hand, disagrees. Remy Hutchins with the Dougherty County Health Department says, "E-cigarettes do contain nicotine and research has shown that the way nicotine is produced in both traditional and e-cigarettes, they both contain formaldehyde."

Hutchins says there's also been an increase in calls to poison control, "children have gotten ahold of these devices or the refill nicotine containers and they're flavored. They're often bubble gum flavored, cherry flavored, grape flavored, so they appeal to children and children have ingested these products and had to go to the emergency room."

But at the end of the day Summerlin swears by them, "I breathe better, I feel better, I smell better, everything about these is better than real cigarettes."