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      'Duck Dynasty' lands in Southwest Georgia

      Jase Robertson from the hit TV show, "Duck Dynasty" speaks to students, and fans at Grace Christian Academy in Bainbridge Sunday night. / Matt Prichard

      Grace Christian Academy in Bainbridge welcomed Jase Robertson from the hit TV show, "Duck Dynasty" on Sunday night, while raising money for the upcoming school year.

      Robertson spoke about the importance of spreading his faith throughout the nation, and more importantly making sure kids are staying on the right track as well.

      "Our priorities are God, family, and ducks in that order. And it's not just something we say, it's something we live. So anytime young people are involved I'm going to try and do what I can to tell others about God, and try and help our kids," said Robertson.

      Robertson and his wife Missy both made appearances at the fundraiser, with Jase speaking and Missy singing for a packed gym of diehard "Duck Dynasty" fans.

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