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      D'town Arts Coalition features local artists in show

      The Downtown Arts Coalition held an art show featuring five local artists called BLAM! Tuesday evening.

      A total of 45 pieces were placed on exhibit in the Carnegie Library in Downtown Albany.The event was also the first membership drive for the Downtown Arts Coalition. President Cameron Malphrus says the Downtown Arts Coalition provides local artist with an avenue to making money and improving the area.

      "I think events like this are critical to bringing the arts and growing the arts downtown and bringing business and prosperity to downtown and to the Albany area included," says Malphrus.

      BLAM! will be on exhibit at the Carnegie Library through Saturday.Albany Mayoral Candidate BJ Fletcher made a stop at the Downtown Arts Coalition TMs show tonight to throw her support behind the arts.

      Fletcher says it TMs the creative class that is up and coming and will bring jobs to the area. She says local artists need to be taken serious because they will help make the city viable.

      "This is what's going to move us into the 21st century and it's not just artist in there; it's business entrepreneur, it's scientists, it's teachers, it's all walks of life. It's a Tuesday night in Albany Georgia and we are wall to wall," says Fletcher.

      Fletcher says everybody wins when creativity thrives in a community.