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      Drunk driving cases still an issue

      Last week Poulan Police arrested six people who were driving under the influence after being caught during their annual checkpoint stop.

      Now law officials say some might still be up to know good.

      Since that day officials say it's been more of the same.

      There have been other arrests from people driving under the influence.

      Georgia State Patrol Corporal Andrew Mckenzie says those people will eventually be caught, but adds that prevention starts with the public, reporting anything out of the ordinary.

      "Driving recklessly, people that are weaving in and out of traffic, people that are driving extremely slow, those the indicators of a person that's under the influence, and if they see anyone driving under the influence they need to call 911," says McKenzie.

      He adds that those caught in the act will face a hefty fine, and ultimately the suspension of your license.

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