Drug unit seizes drugs and 100 round gun during traffic stop

Upon catching up with Harris and stopping him, officers recovered 78.6 grams of cocaine and 7 grams of marijuana along with a 22-caliber semi-automatic pistol sporting a 100 round drum. / Sean Streicher

Around 11 PM Wednesday night, an Albany-Dougherty Drug Unit officer attempted to pull over a black Ford F-350,on North Slappey Boulevard, for having a license plate light out.

The vehicle's driver, Kevin Danail Harris, ignored officers and tried to elude them, throwing something out the window while fleeing. Officers later confirmed the tossed item to be, 78.6 grams of cocaine and 7 grams of marijuana.

Upon stopping Harris, officers discovered a fully loaded, 22-caliber pistol, sporting a 100 round drum.

Harris is charged with trafficking cocaine, tag light outage, possession of marijuana L.T.O, possession of a firearm during certain crimes, tampering with evidence, possession of drug elated objects, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.

Major Bill Berry with the Albany-Dougherty Drug Unit says that this kind of weapon is uncommon for the area,

"This is to put a lot of bullets in a very small area a room, so it would be like an assualt type weapon," said Major Berry.

After the incident at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut, Barry said it was good to get this weapon off the street.

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