Drug unit puts meth bust on display

Berry says drugs seized are worth several thousand dollars

An east Albany drug raid revealed a meth lab operation yesterday morning, but now drug agents say they've found evidence of even more illegal activity inside the home.

In total agents found 32.5 grams of crystal meth, 152 grams of marijuana, and 1.4 grams of cocaine inside 48-year-old Michael and 40-year-old Noleen Anthony's Duitman Road Home. On top of finding meth-making ingredients like 968 grams of ephedrine, drug agents say the Anthonys were making fake ID's too.

"My first thought is that they're trying to beat the system by using three or four different licenses so that it doesn't appear one person is buying. 968 grams, that's a lot of cold pills. That's a whole lotta cold pills," said Drug Unit Commander Major Bill Berry.

Both are facing eight charges, including possession of all three drugs with intent to distribute and for having the drugs within a thousand feet of a school.