Drug Unit makes a large drug bust

The drug unit found the suspects, drugs, and money at the Willow Wood Apartments

On Friday night the Albany-Dougherty Drug Unit followed up on a tip from three weeks ago and seized almost $100,000 worth of drugs in a truck parked in the Willow Woods apartment complex.

Police found just under 10 pounds of marijuana, just over half a kilo of cocaine, and $11,716 in cash.

Police arrested Antonio Pride and Quintard Wright and both men will face multiple charges including possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and trafficking cocaine within 1,000 feet of a housing project.

Major Bill Berry is proud they were able to make the bust and get the large quantity of drugs off of the street before the holidays, and he says the unit will try to retain the cash to assist the drug unit. "We'll ask for an asset and forfeiture for the money and use it to supplement our needs here at the drug unit buying equipment and stuff like that" says Berry.